■ Medicine / Discovering a new path of stem cell therapy for chronic wounds A collaborative effort by medical and engineering researchers led to the development of stem cell sheets with excellent wound healing properties. The year 2017 marks the 60th anniversary of the integration of Yonhui College and Severance Union Medical College into the current Yonsei University. The two institutions have participated in research advancement for decades and there have been active attempts at interdisciplinary research involving multiple academic disciplines. The project “Developing photothermic stem cell sheets for the treatment of intractable wounds” is the epitome of such an effort. Here, we interviewed DaeRead More →

■ Medicine / Ray of hope: Radiotherapy improves survival of patients with liver cancer invading the portal vein Hepatitis B and C drastically increase the chances of developing hepatocellular carcinoma that often invades and blocks the portal vein; radiotherapy combined with other therapies offers patients the best hope for improved, increased survival. Hepatitis, a viral infection, results in chronic inflammation of the liver. Of the five types (A-E), hepatitis B and C are most concerning. According to the World Health Organization, hepatitis B infection is most common in Asia and Africa. Both hepatitis B and C are linked to hepatocellular carcinoma (HCC), a type ofRead More →

■ Engineering & Technology / Artificial materials for developing low-cost optical devices New research demonstrates macroscale materials having optical properties that are modifiable by mechanical compression, paving the way for industrial-scale production of advanced optical devices. The study—“Scalable variable-index elasto-optic metamaterials for macroscopic optical components and devices”—published in Nature Communications was carried out by a group of researchers including Dr. Kyoungsik Kim of Yonsei University. They developed a method to build large, low-cost, and mass-producible advanced optical devices by using an artificial material called “metamaterial” that changes its refractive index when subjected to mechanical stress. This material was used to demonstrate two macroscopic-scale optical devicesRead More →

■ Engineering & Technology / The image-matching algorithm that throws the rest out of the window A newly developed image-matching algorithm outperforms existing ones on various levels and works properly in many more situations. Mapping every point in an image with the corresponding one in another image might sound easy at first, but it is a fundamental task in many computer vision and photography applications. Although various efficient algorithms to do this have been developed, all of them tend to fail when images of the same thing or place are taken in radically different lighting conditions, or when different camera modes are used (such asRead More →

■ Engineering & Technology / Factors that power up building-integrated photovoltaics New research suggests variables end-users should consider before installing photovoltaic blinds. Solar photovoltaic (PV) energy is a sustainable and clean energy source that permits distributed generation and provides more innovative electrical infrastructure. Building-integrated PV (BIPV) systems appeal to end-users in highly populated urban areas who want to achieve zero-energy buildings; however, their technical and economic performance depends on variables such as equipment design and client goals. Professor Taehoon Hong of Yonsei University led the research, collaborating with Choongwan Koo, Jeongyoon Oh, and Kwangbok Jeong to improve the understanding of the nonlinearity of the shadingRead More →

■ Natural Sciences / A 40-year Old Unresolved Concept in Chemistry Finally Clarified Yonsei University research team led by Professor Dongho Kim succeeded in “three-dimensional bicycloaromaticity” chemical synthesis. Research team led by Professor Dongho Kim (Department of Chemistry, Yonsei University) formulated a three-dimensional structure of a chemical compound which had existed only in two-dimensional space to implement “bicycloaromaticity” and, simultaneously, to solve the problem of “the reversal of aromaticity in a triplet ground state.” The concept of “bicycloaromaticity” had not been resolved in modern chemistry until now. The word meaning fragrance, “aromaticity,” is also a chemistry term. Its meaning in chemistry is additional energy stabilityRead More →

■ Social Sciences & Business / KakaoStory: not simply Korean Facebook A recent study shows the differences in the usage patterns and motivations of KakaoStory and Facebook users in Korea. In a recent study led by Prof. Sang Woo Lee from Yonsei University investigated the differences in the usage patterns and motivations of KakaoStory and Facebook users in Korea. They also studied how the usage patterns of these two social media networks are influenced by different usage motivations. The study reports findings from a 2014 survey with about 300 participants. The responses from the survey helped them compare different usage metrics, such as the averageRead More →

■ Yonsei Research in Media / Dean Marvin Chun, a Yonsei graduate and the first Asian to head Yale College “Yonsei University, in the process of establishing a residential college right for Korea” The undergraduate education at Yale University, one of the most prestigious educational institutions in the world, is now being led by a Yonsei graduate. Last April, Marvin Chun who entered Yonsei’s Department of Psychology in 1985, was appointed Dean of Yale College, and began his 5-year term from last July. This is the first time in the history of Yale College, which was founded in 1701 and houses over 6,000 students andRead More →

■ Yonsei Research in Media / Taking the Lead in the Journey Toward a Sustainable Future Yonsei University leaps forward with UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon to advance social action. Former UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon joined Yonsei University to champion a green future for the global community. In the 132nd year since its foundation, Yonsei University last April established the Institute for Global Engagement and Empowerment (IGEE) by marshaling independent volunteer and mission groups sown throughout its main campus and the Health System. With the University’s awareness of its capacity to act upon the mounting social issues within society and the global community atRead More →

■ Life Sciences / Scientists identify a key protein for regulating immune response Research reveals a brain development protein plays a critical role in the body’s immune response. Researchers collaborating across multiple institutions in South Korea have shown that a DNA-binding protein, previously known for its role in early brain development that helps sustain an effective immune response. A team led by Prof. Boyoun Park found that the cellular nucleic acid-binding protein (CNBP) bound to many genes that influence our immunity, including those associated with a sustained immune response. The study, titled “CNBP acts as a key transcriptional regulator of sustained expression of interleukin-6,” hasRead More →