■ Humanities / Yonsei Commits to Sustainability with Ban Ki-moon and World Leaders World leaders discuss UN’s Sustainable Development Goals with Ban Ki-moon at Yonsei University in Seoul, Korea. Yonsei University, Seoul, Korea is leading the way to a sustainable future in partnership with Ban Ki-moon, the 8th Secretary-General of the United Nations, and key leaders of the global community. The inaugural Global Engagement & Empowerment Forum on Sustainable Development (GEEF) was held at Yonsei University, Seoul, Korea during February 7-8, 2018 in the presence of distinguished international and national dignitaries. Co-hosted by the Institute for Global Engagement & Empowerment at Yonsei University and the BanRead More →

■ Engineering & Technology / Artificial Intelligence TV Generating Highlights of What You Want The research team led by Professor Seon Joo Kim is developing the AI technology searching video recaps, which was selected as one of tasks for future technology by Samsung Electronics. #1. A man is fascinated with a nature documentary series consisting of 10 episodes. In an attempt to gain favor of the woman whom he has been in love with, he wants to sort out the scenes in which flowers bloom. But it is tricky for him to watch the entire series that last over 10 hours. He simply says toRead More →

■ Engineering & Technology / Taking the Next Step to Mass Produce High-Conductive Organic Transparent Material The research team led by Professor Jung Hyun Kim has succeeded in developing conductive polymers used in flexible, wearable devices. Amid the growing needs for the development of devices with both electric characteristics and flexibility, ‘Organic electronic device’ is emerging as a next-generation flexible device materials. The organic electric material is conductive plastic that has the advantages of organic materials, which are light and easy to process. Among these materials, conductive high molecular materials(conducting polymer) are most widely researched and commercialized. However, the electric conductivity(the value that indicates theRead More →

■ Humanities / It’s Madness: The Politics of Mental Health in Colonial Korea A Yonsei researcher explores how the mental illness was conceptualized and socially dealt and how it interacted with traditional beliefs about madness in Korea during Japanese colonialism. Mental illness remains one of the most elusive and neglected topics in Korean history. As in most Asian countries, severe social ostracism, shame, and fear of jeopardizing marriage prospects induce families to conceal the mentally ill behind closed doors. The tendency in contemporary Korean society to somatize symptoms as culture-bound maladies and association of disturbing behavior with spiritual and moral failings reveal resilient traditional viewsRead More →

■ Yonsei Research in Media / Yonsei Cancer Center and Novartis to Co-Develop Cancer Drugs As the first instance for South Korean hospitals, Yonsei Cancer Center partners with the multinational pharmaceutical company to develop new drug from the beginning stage The Yonsei Cancer Center has joined with multinational pharmaceutical company Novartis to develop new cancer treatment drugs. It is the first instance of a South Korean hospital partnering with a multinational pharmaceutical company as early in the process of drug development as the beginning stage of identifying new drug candidates. Yonsei University Health System President & CEO Do-Heum Yoon announced last August that Novartis hadRead More →

■ Medicine / New Pathway from Liver Cirrhosis to Liver Cancer Discovered A research team led by Yonsei researchers has demonstrated that a certain activated signal promotes the incidence of liver cancer from the initial stage. Patients with liver cirrhosis is a typical risk group of liver cancer. Fibrosis progresses by constant liver damage, and with the loss of liver functions a severe form of liver fibrosis is diagnosed as cirrhosis. Patients with liver cirrhosis have a very high chance of liver cancer. TGF-β signaling is known as a major factor involved in liver cirrhosis, and active in most patients with cirrhosis. Ironically, TGF-β isRead More →

■ Medicine / Which Tastes Sweeter, Candy or Jelly? A Yonsei research team has proved that food hardness acts as a determinant of food preference. Given the same sugar content, which of hard candy or soft jelly is felt to be sweeter? A study reported that preference for food with same taste may vary according to its hardness. The research team led by Professor Seok Jun Moon(left) from the Department of Oral Biology at Yonsei University College of Dentistry recently published a study on the ‘clarification of the mutual relationship between food hardness and taste cognition’ on Nature Communications, a sister journal of Nature. TheRead More →

■ Medicine / Genetic Variant that Increases the Risk of Breast and Ovarian Cancer in Korean Population Discovered Yonsei researchers have identified a novel Korean-specific mutation that is expected to contribute in detecting and preventing relevant cancers. A genetic cancer clinic research team, including Professor Ji Soo Park from the Cancer Prevention Center at the Yonsei Cancer Center and Professor Seung Tae Lee from the Department of Laboratory Medicine at the Severance Hospital, has discovered that the risk of breast cancer and ovarian cancer increases in Koreans with c.5339T>C p.Leu1780Pro variant (hereinafter referred to as L1780P variant). BRCA1 , 2 genetic mutation is a majorRead More →

■ Life Sciences / Novel Tumor-Suppressive Signaling Mechanism Identified A collaborative research team gets closer to the possibility of developing a powerful anticancer. This interesting study published in July 2017 in Nature Cell Biology identifying a novel tumor-suppressive cellular signaling mechanism has been conducted in collaboration between laboratories of Professor-Hyun Woo Park (Yonsei University) and Kun-Liang Guan (University of California San Diego, USA). The Hippo pathway has gained tremendous interest over the last decade because of its ability to control organ size and tissue homeostasis, and deregulation of this pathway leads to cancer. Inactivation of core Hippo pathway kinases leads to the activation of theRead More →

■ Life Sciences / A Novel Method of Active Site Redesign for Amine-based Drug Production The method developed by a team led by Prof. Jong-Shik Shin is expected to initiate the establishment of a technique for obtaining optically active amines, which was previously impossible using naturally occurring enzymes. Professor Jong-Shik Shin from the Department of Biotechnology at Yonsei University and his team have developed an efficient computational strategy for redesigning the reaction pathway of transaminase. This strategy will allow the development of enzyme variants engineered to produce optically active amines, which are pharmaceutically valuable intermediates. Optical isomers refer to a set of two molecules thatRead More →