Newly Opened Yonsei Frontier Lab Casts International Research Net

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Newly Opened Yonsei Frontier Lab Casts International Research Net

Collaborative hub connects Yonsei to world renowned researchers.

Last June, Yonsei University founded Yonsei Frontier Lab (YFL) and tasked Moon-Gun Choi as managing director with the mission to elevate Yonsei’s internationalization. The YFL is intended to not only connect Yonsei researchers with world renowned counterparts in collaborative work, but also to offer a new international model for education and research at Yonsei. The lab’s promotion of international joint research is expected to increase the quality and quantity of research at Yonsei as well as boost public awareness of those affairs.

The establishment of the Young Researcher Supporting Program in the fall semester of 2017 marked the beginning of the YFL’s march toward achieving that goal by providing assistance to outstanding researchers. The program offers post-doctoral students at Yonsei University from Korea and abroad financial support, incentives, and administrative guidance to enable students to focus their attention on research and realize remarkable achievements through their work. Additional support programs will provide international students with visa and residential assistance in order to ensure a smooth transition to life in Korea and at Yonsei University.

YFL is planning to run a customized support service for invited researchers in order to empower university-affiliated organizations and professors to attract qualified and distinguished researchers from overseas. The program has successfully held special events to encourage research collaboration, including joint workshops with foreign universities and international conferences featuring prestigious research institutes.

On November 1 – 2, 2017, Yonsei University hosted the Yonsei-UCPH (University of Copenhagen) workshop on its Sinchon Campus. Over fifty scholars participated to present on diverse studies currently in progress, such as smart cities, social welfare, the Arctic, and plant science. The two universities were enthusiastic to explore further opportunities for institutional partnerships.

Next summer, YFL and Elsevier will hold the 2018 Asia Pacific Research Intelligence Conference June 20 – 21 at Yonsei University. Elsevier is a highly respected global institution specializing in academic review, indexing and analysis.

Director Moon-Gun Choi added, “YFL may in the future become a networking platform that also serves disadvantaged domestic universities that aspire to strengthen their international collaboration. As far as administration and financial support, we plan to be openhanded in this regard.”

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Updated in Jan 2018